Chromebook OS Download for Laptop: Installing Chrome OS for Older Laptop

google chromebook os downloadChromebook OS Download for Laptop: Installing Chrome OS for Older Laptop

Google has always been known as one of the biggest tech company in the world. So, it is not shocking when they brought a new device with a whole new OS for the market. If you are keen to read about tech news, you might have also heard about Chrome OS. This is actually a Linux-based OS that is marketed to be used by lightweight users. It seems like Google is trying to get into the netbooks market, especially for home users.

Chrome OS is indeed design to be used only for lightweight duty, such as web browsing, writing documents or sharing photos to social media. This is also the reason why this OS is very suitable for laptops with low specification. It is said that processors and battery usage is a lot better compared to Windows. We have no doubt about that since the OS itself is pretty basic with no big sized app in it.

Understanding Chromebook OS Download for Laptop

If you want to use Chrome OS for your laptop, the very first thing that you need to understand is that simplicity is the main selling point of this OS. The first time you boot the OS, you will be able to see a browser, namely Google Chrome. Meanwhile, there will also be clock displayed, connection status and some of your favorite web apps on the desktop. And that’s it. That’s the whole OS. There will be no Office program or photo editing software.

And since it relies heavily on the browser to do things with the device, Wi-Fi connection is a must to have. The first generation of Chrome OS indeed used a heavy traffic with internet since most programs run online. Thankfully, the latest update makes it easier to use this OS without internet connection, even though it is mostly for writing documents or drafting emails. This might be caused by the fact that many areas are still not covered by broadband connection well enough, especially in the rural areas.

It is also noted that the Chrome OS will also use the connection gladly to download any update Google released for the operating system. This means that you will experience some lagging when the device is updating if you are using slow connection. It is unfortunate that this OS does not make the options to turn off automatic update available.

Meanwhile, another plus point of Chrome OS is the complete alternative apps that will make the OS seems like a viable alternative for Windows. If you just want to write documents, make reports or create presentation files, Google is ready to service you with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. If you don’t like to use Google apps, there are also a lot of office programs available, including the free version of Office Offline.

Not only that, communication is also very easy to be done with Chrome OS. Skype can connect you to your friends and family anywhere in the worlds, and the app is free on this OS. You can also use Google Hangout that is associated directly to your Gmail account. Some heavy office apps are also available, such as CRM management and business plan maker. Be informed that most of those will only be available if you are connected to the internet.

With all of those benefits and also the disadvantages of using Chrome OS, the devices that use this operating system are sold relatively low prices. But the great thing is that you can also use this OS and install it on your older laptops. Here are the steps that you might be able to follow.

The alternative of download chromebook OS from special buids :

  • Go to arnoldthebat project source HERE and Download the IMG file to your laptop
  • extract the downloaded file.
  • Download WIN32 Image writer Here
  • for more download and installation process please watch this video :

How to Install Chromebook OS Download for Laptop

If you are so eager to use Chrome OS but don’t want to spend a couple hundred of bucks for new laptop, you can try installing CloudReady OS for your laptop. While it is not exactly the OS that came out from Google, CloudReady uses Chromium, which is that Chrome OS is based on. So, you will get the similar appearance and features. In fact, they are so similar you will not be able to find any difference.

To do this, you may need to download two things first with your laptop that is already running Windows. On your Chrome browser, install Chromebook Recovery Utility extension. You’ll need this to make a bootable USB stick that will store installation files. Then, head to CloudReady website and download their free version of Chrome OS.

Using a USB stick with a minimum of 4 GB capacity, choose to make recovery image with Chromebook Recovery Utility in the browser. The process will take about 15 minutes to copy and expand the boot files into the USB drive.

Put the drive into the USB slot of the laptop that you want to install the OS. Don’t forget to set the booting procedure to prioritize the USB drive. If detected, you will go straight to the options of installing the OS for your laptop, which is either to install and delete the whole data in your laptop drive or to install it aside windows.

The installation process of download plus install Chrome OS for laptop will take about 20 minutes or more. Check regularly to see whether the process is running smoothly, since this particular OS is known to have compatibility issues with older machines. If everything is running smoothly, at the end of installation, you will be asked to enter your Google account. Now, you are ready to use Chromebook OS on your laptop.

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