Chromebook OS Recovery: How to Get Your Chromebook to Work Again

Chromebook OS Recovery: How to Get Your Chromebook to Work Again

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Chromebook OS is a Linux-based OS that is marketed towards people with low requirement for their laptop. The performance of the operating system is indeed noted to be fast and lightweight, especially on the devices that are adjusted to the OS. But as it is a human-made tech, there will still be some problems that the users might run into when using this.

One of the things that people experiences when using the OS is the fact that the laptop cannot boot properly. As a result, you will not be able to go to the desktop area and will not be able to use the laptop at all. This is not a really big problem as most of the files you made with Google apps will still be available online. But the thing is, when you just need the device to work, the problem might make you need to recover the OS so that you can continue with what you want to do.

Not only caused by the failure of booting, Chromebook OS recovery can also be used for other purposes. For instance, if you want to resell your Chrome device or to give it away to be used by other people, it might be safer for you to delete all your account information on the device. Recovery will make the process easier for you. Meanwhile, you can also use recovery to get the more stable version of Chrome OS is there is any problem after updating the operating system.

Creating Bootable Drive and Install Chromebook OS Recovery

Recovering the operating system on your Chromebook can be easily done by choosing one of the two methods. The first one is to create the recovery image using your Chrome device with the help of Chrome browser. This is the easiest way of creating the image, as it will have the most stable release of updated system version. Meanwhile, the process will also be safer because you don’t need to download the image from third party vendors.

To do this, you can start by sticking the USB drive into the slot on your device. After the USB is detected, head to “” and follow the steps in there. The protocol will open a page where you can see the USB drive connected and also the options to burn the recovery image. If you choose the USB drive, you will be asked to wipe down all the data stored in it. To start the burning process, choose the image you want to download and the process will be done automatically.

To install the image that is already stored in the USB, you can start by entering recovery mode on your Chrome device. You can do this by using paper clip to press the small button that can be found on the bottom of your device.

After pressing the button, you will be brought a recovery message. Insert the USB drive again and follow the instruction from there. If the process runs flawlessly, the recovery of your Chrome OS will be done, and you can now see a clean operating system installed in your device and Chromebook OS recovery is done.

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