How Do I Reset My Chromebook?

how to reset my chromebook factory settingHow Do I Reset My Chromebook : Google released Chrome OS as a way to capture the market of people who want simplicity and fast performance on their laptop. It is also advertised as an OS that will “just work.” But still, this OS can face some problem that might leave the users confused how to fix it. Some problems even can only be fixed by recovering the Chromebook. If you indeed want to know how to reset your Chromebook, you might want to follow the steps below.

Resetting Your Chromebook with Recovery Image

The best way to get your Chrome device working again is to install the recovery image on the device. This means that you will remove everything existed inside the device and start new with a clean installation of the OS. Usually, this will fix most problems, including a hardcore one, such as inability to boot to device at all.

Before you proceed with the steps, make sure that you have backed up every files and app data on the device to another storage. This is even more important for the files and email draft that you only saved offline. If you haven’t had any backup, do it now before deleting them permanently. You will not need to do this if your files are stored safely on your Google Drive account.

First thing you need to do is to create recovery image on a USB stick drive. To do this, simply install Chrome Recovery App extension on your chrome browser. This app will work great, as it will detect the USB drive where you will put recovery image automatically. With this installed, you can simply go to the app and follow the instruction to create the bootable image. Also, you can do this with any computer that has Chrome installed and a working internet connection.

After creating the recovery image, get to the recovery screen on your Chrome device. You can do this by pressing the recovery button on the bottom right corner of your Chrome laptop. Use the point of paper clip to press the button until recovery message appears on the screen.

Stick the USB drive in the slot and follow the steps that are shown on your laptop screen. If everything is completed, you can now use the new Chrome OS that is installed on the device.

Troubleshooting Problems of How to Reset Your Chromebook

Even if you have followed the right steps of recovering your Chrome device, you might still run some problem along the way. For instance, a message that shows “An unexpected error has occurred” should inform you that there might be a problem with your USB drive. You should try another USB drive to put the bootable image to.

Meanwhile, if you face a “Chrome OS is missing or damaged” message, there is a possibility that your system can’t find bootable image because there are also other devices connected. Make sure that every external hardware you are using are disconnected before resetting. This will include a mouse, external hard drive or an SD card.

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